quinta-feira, 14 de abril de 2011

Gaita é brinquedo?

HARMONICA,Chromatic Harmonica,classical Harmonica Music London ROYAL HALL philip

Classical Harmonica player Philip Achille wows the classical crowd playing this instrument, Harmonica, future jazz harmoncia legend. This video of champion Achille was viewed on television from the ROYAL ALBERT HALL on BBC2 home of Classical Star. Philip still has lessons (tutorials) taught by Jim Hughes a harmonica legend as a session musician and in the school of players like, tommy Rielly, shellist, Douglas Tate, Larry Adler and Stevie Wonder.HARMONICA, BLUES, Chromatic Harmonica ,Classical Harmonica, Jazz, Harmonica Artist, British Film music, Achille Philip, BBC 2 2007 Proms London Larry Adler, The harmonica playing was accompanied by a full orchestra. Philip Achille (based in London) has experience playing the chromatic harmonica (mouth organ) in many music genres, Jazz Classical Blues and Irish.

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