quarta-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2011

Dawn Tarr - Blues Gallery


"If she had to describe herself, Dawn would use the one word that has been used to describe her by many other artists and friends, Prolific.
She creates with her moods. She creates all the time. She is a humble artist who appreciates each art sale like a gift making it's way out to the world.
Born and raised in Snow Hill, Maryland and attended Columbus College of Art & Design, Dawn Tarr is the talk of the eBay community. She has been painting since the age of 5 and shares a birthday with Van Gogh.
Inspired by artists of her time, such as Lassen, Bev Doolittle and Scott Gustofson and most of the masters, her art is very colorful and brings people out from all over the world with very colorful personalities. In the past she has had 3 galleries of her own, showing her works along with many other artists around the world. After finding Ebay, meeting the great people on a more personal level, she found that selling on ebay is productive, entertaining and helps to make new creative connections for various projects and gallery opportunities.
In most cases, she gives her Ebay buyers first chance on purchasing an artwork at her wholesale price by listing it one time, after the listing has ended, the painting then goes through the cycle of galleries from one to another, and in most cases is sold , so she urges her Ebay bidders to purchase the painting if they fall in love with it."

Fonte: http://www.dawntarr.com/

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