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Wim Dijkgraaf - Jazz Harmonica

2011, what a year!

"2011 was a great year. It started in january with the journey from the North East of Brazil to the nice city of Belo Horizonte in the South, to meet the top jazz musicans from Brazil (Marcio Bahia, Kiko Continentino, Paulo Russo) and record the marvelous music of composer and guitar player Jan Dumee. Although we still haven't found a label that is interested in releasing the album, the reviews from the press and from our fans are really amazing. This is the album I wanted to record for so many years and that dream came true and now is part of the digital music collection of many fans around the world. Thank you all so much for that! (More info below)

Wim Dijkgraaf with The Dumee & Dijkgraaf Quinteto - Brazilian Jazz Harmonica
And then in august I travalled to Germany to record the album "Along The Road" of the Portugees jazz singer Maria João Mendes and with just a similar, impressive dream team of musicians (Karel Boehlee, Clemens van der Veen and Jasper Hulten). Great studio, great sound engineer (Chris Weeda), long nights talking and drinking, nice wine ... again one of the best moments in my life. The results? Same story as above ... still searching for a label but proud and oh so happy with the results. The video below gives a good impression of what the album will be and soon I'll send you a Newsletter to listen to some of the complete recordings ... mixing and mastering is fully up and running right now.

The new CD of jazz singer Maria Joao Mendes | Video for fans
Ok, one of my favourites for you to already listen to ... :-) The song "Verão" , recorded on the last day and which remembered me of a fantastic concert many years ago in Belgium by Rosa Passos. Verão is here composition with lyrics that are oh, oh, oh so beautiful. And here Karel Boehlee here ... he never played the song before ... just 3 pages of chord symbols in front of him and in 1 track we recorded this amazing song!!!! PLAY HERE
And last but not least the wonderful CD presentation of the Italian singer Fulvia Di Domenico. Lot's of people went to listen to us in that nice theatre "The Underground" in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Brazilian tunes, Italian tunes and a couple of sweet and refined own compositions by Fulvia and Marijn van der Linden. A great experience and an album that was very well received by the press and radio in the Netherlands. (More info below).
So, 2011 was not only the year I moved to the amazing city of São Paulo but also a year full of travelling and recording music that comes straight from the heart.
Hope you like to stay informed now and than through this personal Newsletter of mine.
Wish you a lot of health, inspiration and love in 2012 and all the years coming.
Warm regards and many thanks for you interest and support in my music"

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