domingo, 14 de julho de 2013

Documentário: Pocket Full of Soul Movie.... IN THE REEDS

"Pocket Full of Soul the Harmonica Documentary has come & Gone it was only available to USA Public for Viewing at a select number of Theatre's.
Countless requests from other Nations to there Facebook page & Harmonica Forums it was Promoted on, For the Movie to be Put on DVD for sale has Fallen on deaf ears Who ever Promoted it or Produced it will not Answer these Request to Produce a DVD For us to buy.

But They have Produced this DVD ( IN THE REEDS ) as they say from the Cutting Room Floor Clips that didn't make the final Documentary It's available to Buy From there Web Page but no POCKET FULL OF SOUL DVD For sale ??????

This is my Personal Protest by posting this DVD in full Length for not allowing other Nations there right to watch PFOS Denying us a true connection with the Artists,,, only the very Few that got to watch it in some Brocken down local theatres" nastyolddog


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